Hagerty Insurance Payment Options

Hagerty Insurance Payment Options

Hagerty Insurance Payment Options: To protect our valuables, insurance is vital, and Haggerty Insurance has earned an excellent reputation as the leading provider of vintage and collector automobiles. In addition to offering a wide range of policy options, Hegerty also offers several flexible payment methods to policyholders. In this post, we will learn about the different Hagerty Insurance Payment Options, focusing on the features and advantages of each.

Online Payment:

Due to its speed and ease, online payment options have exploded in popularity in the modern digital age. In light of this development, Haggerty Insurance now accepts online premium payments from policyholders. Customers love how simple it is to submit payment information using their site. Policyholders can save time and energy by using this option of sending paper checks or making a personal appearance.

Credit Card Payments

When it comes to shopping, Hagerty Insurance knows that having options is important. They take different types of credit cards as modes of payment to meet the needs of their consumers. Policyholders can conveniently pay their premium using any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). This method of payment not only ensures that coverage is maintained but also allows customers to earn rewards or avail of credit card benefits.

Automatic Bank Withdrawal

Automatic Bank Withdrawals is an available payment option through Haggerty Insurance for individuals who desire it. Policyholders can arrange for Hegerty to deduct monthly premiums from their bank account on a specific date by entering into an agreement with the insurance company. The policyholder can rest assured knowing that his payment will be automatically deducted from his bank account every month.

Check or Money Order

Despite the widespread adoption of digital payment methods, some people still prefer more traditional methods of exchange. For policyholders who would prefer to pay by check or money order, this option is available through Hagerty Insurance. If a customer prefers to pay by cheque, they can send it to the address listed on the invoice. Policyholders must keep in mind the processing and delivery time while making payments using these methods.

Phone Payments

Haggerty Insurance offers a phone payment option for policyholders who have issues or need quick assistance. Policyholders can make secure payments over the phone by contacting the company’s specialized customer care staff. With this option, buyers can get help and direction during the payment process in real-time.


When it comes to paying, Hagerty Insurance knows that its customers appreciate options. Policyholders have a variety of options for making payments, including online payment, credit card payment, automatic bank withdrawal, check or money order, and phone payment. Haggerty Insurance offers several different methods of payment to provide its customers with a smooth and easy experience so they can relax and enjoy their classic and collector cars without worry.


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